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I’ve been writing songs my whole life. 

I hope you enjoy this sampling of my work.


Every song is a story

Each song here is a story.

Some are complete three-minute movies: a wedding toast about the car chase that brought the couple together; a young man who is sticking it out in the oilfields after his girl has gone back to Texas. One of the longest songs - Morning Star - is a tribute to my father-in-law, who was wounded as a soldier in the Korean War and made it home to live a full life as a veteran of our "forgotten war." 

Other songs try to capture a moment that exists within a longer narrative: a parent singing a lullaby while looking toward the day that the child will be grown; a young couple reluctant to get out of bed on Saturday morning; someone grateful to be home on Christmas Eve (Just Like It's Always Been).

​Whatever the subject matter, I am trying to catch your ear with the music, then to engage your mind with the lyrics, and finally, to reach your heart with the emotional arc of the story or character.


​Many of my songs have a country inflection, but I've also been influenced by classical music, opera, Broadway, Tin Pan Alley, rock, pop, jazz, and bluegrass. I love it all.


​After you've listened to my songs, drop me a note with your reactions. 

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