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Musicals and Operettas

Give the kids good material to perform, and they'll knock your socks off. No preaching, no kissing, no special effects: just works that the kids and audiences will love.


Perfect for both kids and audiences

These are a collection of musicals and operettas for young perfomers that I've written, some in collaboration with my sister, Alvina Hart. Too often, schools overreach with this age group, asking the kids to perform Broadway or other material that is technically too difficult or thematically too mature.

Our works are accessible to middle school and junior high school students - something they can do really well - yet the adults in the audience will also find them clever and entertaining.

These musicals have been performed dozens of times, by many different schools, and the kids, teachers, and audience love them.

I’ve attached the script and score of Act One for each work. Please contact me if you are interested in the entire work.

At the Blake

A classic who-done-it arises when every guest at a small hotel comes under suspicion for a diamond heist, and a bumbling inspector makes a hash of the investigation. 

At the Blake.png

The Plague's The Thing

A widowed king conducts a search for a new wife who will be acceptable both as queen and mother to his rebellious daughter. The stakes are raised when the plague spreads throughout the kingdom, and the castle goes into quarantine while the court seeks a cure.

The plagues the thing.png

The Sultan's Portrait 

The Sultan of Sandansun - vain and tyrannical - creates a contest to marry off his daughter to whoever can paint the best portrait of him. His daughter is unwilling to be a passive prize, and takes matters into her own hands.

The sultan_s portrait.png

Tomb It May Concern

A town in modern Egypt suffers under a centuries-old curse on its water supply. Enter an oil wildcatter and archeology student, who vie to decipher the hieroglyphics they hope will lead them to "liquid gold."

Tomb it may concern.png
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